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Welcome to OSH and your union!

What is a Union? A union is a group of people coming together, using our combined strength to win improvements at work and in our communities.

Oregon AFSCME is made up of over 35,000 workers in state, local government, hospitals, non-profit, and childcare.

Why be a member? Your coworkers need you. The more members our local has, the stronger we are to change our workplace for the better.

Why are unions important? When workers form unions, they gain the right to collectively bargain their wages, work conditions, and benefits. Without a union, management decisions are final. We deserve a voice as professionals. Unions provide support to all employees of the bargaining unit.

As a dues-paying member you can:

  • Vote to ratify the contract after negotiations to approve agreements such as wages, benefits, safety improvements and local-specific additions.
  • Become a Steward, executive board member and participate in elections for both per the Local’s constitution.
  • Serve on union committees that can have an impact on the workplace
  • Provide feedback on what contract issues are addressed during bargaining
  • Build skills by attending trainings offered by our union and other labor organizations
  • And more… it’s your way to have your voice heard!

Dues are 1.27% of your salary, plus $8, with a maximum of $92.45.


One of the biggest benefits to being in a union is having a contract. The contract is negotiated every two years at the statewide and local level. Members have a chance to provide feedback, vote to ratify their contract and participate in union leadership roles to help shape their workplace. We also show our union strength with our membership. You can find our current contract at the link below. Talk to your steward about highlights of our recent wins!  

RNs Contact: President David Lynch   NPs Contact: Executive Board Member Lori Martin

Some member benefits:

AFSCME Advantage discounts and benefits:

At Local 3295, we have unique access to a lawyer on retainer for OTIS investigations available for all dues-paying members. Contact your steward for more information.

The local contract can be found here:

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